Three to Tango

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Oscar Novak (Perry) is an idealistic, young architect on the rise. Boyishly handsome and funny, Oscar and his business partner, Peter Steinberg (Platt), have just landed a career-making opportunity-Chicago tycoon Charles Newman (McDermott) has chosen them to compete for the design of a multi-million dollar cultural center. In a ploy for publicity, Newman has pitched Oscar and Peter in a neck-and-neck competition with their archrivals and former colleagues, the hugely successful (and equally ruthless) Decker and Strauss.
Impressed with Oscar's feverish dedication to winning the job, Charles assigns him the additional task of spying on his mistress, Amy (Campbell), a woman who Charles guards as jealously as he guards his investments. Oscar's bumbling attempts at surveillance fail, but he does develop a crush on Amy, a beautiful and headstrong artist, who begins to return his growing affection. Much to his chagrin, Oscar may have finally found the woman of his dreams. 1999 Warner Bros. For more reviews click here.

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Ebert UsaToday Mr Showbiz Herald Average
Points 25 62.5 6 50 35.9



35.9 - Not Worth Seeing

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Rating System:

0 - 40 points

Not Worth Seeing
40 - 65 points  Go See At Matinee
65- 85 points Worth Seeing
85-100 points Definitely worth seeing. "A must see!"


Damon Santostefano


Rodney Patrick Vaccaro




Oscar (Matthew Perry) finally finds the woman (Neve Campbell) of his dreams, but must pretend he is gay to save himself from the woman's boyfriend.


Matthew Perry as Oscar Novak
Neve Campbell as Amy
Dylan McDermott as Charles Newman

Running Time

1hour 45 minutes


PG-13 for sex-related situations and language


Warner Brothers




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 The People's Review of Three to Tango

Laura Davis
score = 100
I loved the movie. I think it was one of the funniest, best movie I ever saw. Matthew Perry looked so hot.


score = 80
Bright and funny, a great romantic full of laughs.  Neve did a great job in her first comedic proformance, her beautiful smile, intrigueing eyes, and her famous laugh all complimented her charictor Amy.  Perry is treat to watch and was purely funny and quick witted all while maintaining his charictors charm.  Add in the bonus of Oliver Platt, and your sure to laugh. Not an Oscar winning movie, but a definate see for the average movie goer who enjoys a good romanitic comedy.


score = 100
You stupid-XXX critic magazine/newspaper people dont know a good movie if it bit you in the ass!! I say get teenagers to rate those kind of movies. That movie was a definite MUST SEE, and you dont know what you are talking about! Get us teens to rate these kinds of movies. We know better than you people. ~Laura~ send me e-mail back.


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