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U-571: Friday April 21, 2000

From the creators of the hit thriller Breakdown comes Universal Pictures' U-571, a white-knuckle World War II suspense drama about an American submarine crew's battle against time-and their own fears-while carrying out a daring mission to capture a top-secret encrypting device from a Nazi U-boat. The stellar cast for U-571 includes; Matthew McConaughey, Bill Paxton, Harvey Keitel and Jon Bon Jovi. A Dino and Martha De Laurentiis production, the film was co-written and directed by Jonathan Mostow -- 2000 © Universal Pictures

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Jonathan Mostow 


Jonathan Mostow 


$55 Million


Action / Thriller


Matthew McConaughey


 Lt. Andrew Tyler 
Bill Paxton 


 Chief Klough
David Keith


Marine Major Coonan
Jon Bon Jovi


 Lt. Pete Emmett 

Running Time



Rated PG-13 for war violence.


Universal Pictures


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 The People's Review of U-571 

score = 100
A great movie! Great actors, story and music. I think that the whole movie was great! I like learning about WWII alot and think this movie was great for anyone who likes to learn about WWII. A must see for every WWII fan!

score = 30
Great acting for the most part.  Other than that, it was a waste of film.  Predictable, implausible with loads of empty, patriotic sentimentality.  It was also full of terrible dialogue and cinematography discontinuities.  Not to mention the attempt to steal the credit for cracking the German Enigma codes from the Brits.
If you want to see a top-notch film about the true terror of WWII submariners, see Das Boot.  U-571 doesn't even hold a weak candle to that masterpiece.

Jakob westberg 
score = 100 
U-571 is one of the best submarinefilms ive ever seen. The tempo, the thrill and everything about the film is just extraordinary. A must for every ww11 fan. Thanks

Tara Martinson 
score = 100 
I really liked this movie, it was definitely cool because it didn't have a lot of cuss words in it and it didn't have any sexual content either. Matthew McConaughey did a great job as Lt. Andrew Tyler, in my opionion, it would have been different with out him in it. It had so much suspense and it kept me on the edge of my seat throughout the whole thing. You never know what's going to happen next and that's really cool. The special effects were great and very realistic. It is so great and you Have to see it!

John Durney 
score = 100 
I Think U571 is a good  ww2 movie that is like indiana  jones in a submarine.It has excellent efics and the graphics are cool.The shootout on the sub was awesome,Itwas non stop action.Thedepth charges were very real.I liked the camera on the wing of the plane,the torpedo duel in the beging was edge of your seat.The hole setting was perfict for a excellent action thriller.The destroyer sceen was very exciting ,the plane was cool getting so low to the sub.Also one neat thing it showed was when the destroyer shoot the sub with all those machine guns.IT was also accurate from aperson i know who was on a submarine.I recondmend it to someone who wants to see a good action movie.

score = 80 
I thought it was an excellent movie, very compelling. I was on the edge of my seat.  Expected to have more twists, but it was suspenseful as it was.

score = 50 
This movie had some strong and weak points. The strong are the decent cast,good story and nice visuals. Everything else is the weak. Definate Matinee

Pat Dillon 
score = 100 
I was afforded the opportunity to see movie at the premire showing on the 17th of April at the Westwood Mann Theater.  I am a member of the U.S. Submarine Force and was extermly proud to see a movie that very closely represented the courage, dedication and commitment of the Submarine Force during that time which is still evident in the force today.  I am a Cold War/Dessert Storm/Peace time veteran and in this movie I saw the things that motivated me to serve my country, HONOR, COUARGE AND COMMITMENT, the Navy Core Values.  This movie is not only a proud reminder of the sacrifice we as the military have made for our country but the sad reminder that we sacrifice for our country at a lost of family, friends, shipmates and love ones to preserve our way of life.  Thank you to the Producers, Actors and Crew for an exceptional movie.

score = 90 
i thought it was relly action packed. it left me on the edge of my seat. it was definetly worth seeing.

score = 10 
This movie was truly awful. Anyone who has seen "Run Silent, Run Deep" would realize that "U-571" stole key dramatic elements from that far superior film starring Clark Gable and Burt Lancaster. Borrowing from "Star Trek" didn't help either--Kirk to Scott,"We need more power Scotty." Says Scott, "But it's not possible sir." Kirk replies, "I don't care if it's not possible. Do it anyway." Duh. The director couldn't lick Robert Wise's shoes even with a big budget which still didn't help get this film beyond the cheesy look that permeated it.

score = 90 
I loved this movie!  Great performances all around.  I especially was interested in how under such stressful conditions men can perform with dignity, honor and and courage.  Special effects were excellent too.  My family is in the military and in law enforcement - it's not an easy job folks.  I'm grateful everday that they are there for us.

Connie Leboffe 
score = 100 
U-571 is an excellent movie.I LOVED it.Matthew McConaughey is a great actor.So was almost everyone else in the movie.It has a lot of action and suspense.It's the kind of movie I will watch again and again.When it comes out on video I'm buying it!!! Heroes are ordinary men who do extraordinary things in extraordinary times.On this day in the height of the war-Men lost.Battles won.We remember the U-boat war.(From U-571.April,2000.)

score = 90 
I thought it was a great movie with a good plot. Although the ending was quite sudden, I felt that the rest of the movie made up fo it. It's realism was very persuading and well detailed

score = 40 
If you want to see a really good movie, go watch "Das Boot". If you just want to see a nice little predictable action movie without many surprises, go see U-571. It is not too difficult to watch, not too exhausting or intense. If you still can't follow the plot, don't worry, they will explain it to you. The characters are, without exception, flat and boring. And the music, especially towards the end, and the end itself, are just plain bad. Why exactly did I go and watch this movie? Oh, I remember, I really thought they had a promising script there. Well, didn't quite work out guys.

score = 90 
I thought this was a very good movie. as we get older we seem to forget the thousands of young men who sacrificed their lives so that we can do the fun things like going to see movies and walking on the beach with our sons and daughters. imagine being a 18 yr old boy drowning in the sea and realizing you will never see your mom and dad or brothers and sisters never mind your girlfriend! that would be too much to bear . morals are so different today.on memorial day i really do cry when i think of what was given up for us......john

Frank Ramos 
score = 80 
This is the kind of film where you have to ignore some of the mistakes made.  Mistakes such as the U-Boat being able to dive down to 200 meters under the sea in its poor damaged condition for example.  Pipes were rusty and leaking, that boat would have never made it for real as far as it did in the movie. The main thing about this film is that it does keep the viewer in suspense(depends how deeply you are involved in the movie), but that's all it was good for.  If you want to learn history lessons out of this movie, don't. If you look at other reviews and if you saw the movie, you'd know that this film was not very accurate.  Some things really did happen though, like the mission itself.  That was true, but the way the film told it was a bit exagerated.  Just to make some movie magic, that's all.

amber barnes 
score = 100 
I thought it was a well done movie and the ratings were unfair in this review.  It is an excellant well done WWII movie, the actors were awesome and the film was the best.

score = None 
FRANK RAMOS ...the mission as you call it ..did NOT happen ..did you not read the historical notes at the end of the film ..referring to the key British role in Enigma. U-571 is complete CRAP..incoherent ...innacurate IN THE EXTREME ..and just DUMB...yes...see DAS BOOT or the ENEMY BELOW ..and please enough of the chill out history buffs reviews lot make me seasick...

score = 100 
The best movie i have seen Matthew McConaughy in, he is not only good looking but a great actor, the movie was superbly made and had great sound effects and graphics.

score = 80 
Critic’s Corner: U-571 really rocks the boat. It is one of the best Navy/WWII films. U-571 employs suspense, action and honor in the form of a secret mission to help the Allied Forces. The movie was a good showing, it had plenty of action and thrills as well as historical background of the time. The story is well conceived  and it was a good film to watch. Although the plot of the movie was a little strange, the effect of the movie on the public is good. The movie provided some reference and dedication to those involved in WWII. A lot of people will now get a feel of how submarine warfare was substantial in the Atlantic campaign of WWII.

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