Urban Legends: The Final Cut

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Urban Legends: The Final Cut: Friday Sept. 22 , 2000

Amy (Jennifer Morrison), Travis (Matthew Davis) and Graham (Joseph Lawrence) are student filmmakers who would love to make it big in Hollywood. But first they've got to survive their last semester at Alpine University, where their thesis films will vie for the prestigious, career-making Hitchcock Award. From the producers of I Know What You Did Last Summer and Urban Legend comes URBAN LEGENDS: FINAL CUT, about a contest where the competition is killer-and someone's killing the competition. When Amy decides that the subject of her thesis film will be those contemporary tall tales known as urban legends, one-by-one her crew members fall prey to fatal 'accidents' during filming. After investigating and discovering that a sinister hand is at work, Amy must unmask the killer before she, too, becomes an urban legend. 2000 Columbia Tristar Interactive.


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The People's Review of 

Urban Legends: The Final Cut

Score  "NONE"
"This could be the worst I have ever seen, it is even bad for horrer movies. I didn't even pay to see this movie yet I am still mad because I wasted 1 hour 39 minutes of my life. By the end I wish someone would of killed me. The only thing this movie has going for it is the very pretty Jennifer Morrison. The only excitement I got during the whole movie was a tease during a little love making session with Jennifer in it, but I soon became even more upset when the seen turned into a big tease and no assets were revealed. This movie stings. "


John Ottman 


Paul Harris Boardman 
Scott Derrickson 


Horror / Thriller


 $15 Million 


Joey Lawrence as Graham 
Jenny Morrison as Jenny Morrison
Anthony Anderson as Stan
Hart Bochner as
Jessica Cauffiel as Sandra
Matt Davis as Travis
Loretta Devine as Reese Wilson
Marco Hofschneider as
Eva Mendez as Vanessa
Anson Mount as Toby
Leland Tilden as

Running Time

1hr -39 mins


R (for violence, language and some sexuality) 


Columbia Pictures




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