The Vertical Limit

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Vertical Limit: December 8, 2000

An emotionally-charged action-adventure story, THE VERTICAL LIMIT is a high-adrenaline tale of a young climber (Golden Globe nominee Chris O'Donnell) who must launch a treacherous and extraordinary rescue effort up K-2, the world's second highest peak, to save his sister (Robin Tunney, End of Days) and her summit team in a race against time.
Martin Campbell, the celebrated director of The Mask of Zorro and Golden Eye, delivers high-voltage action and exhilarating suspense in a film that pits man against his own limitations and the awesome power of nature's uncontrollable elements
. 2000  Columbia Tristar Interactive


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64.13 - Go See At Matinee

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Martin Campbell 


Martin Campbell,

Terry Hayes






Chris O'Donnell as
Bill Paxton as
Robin Tunney as Annie
Nicholas Lea as Tom McLaren

Running Time



Rated PG-13: for intense life/death situations and brief strong language


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 The People's Review The Vertical Limit

viv phillips capetown sa
score = 80
Definately a must for holiday season. Highly entertaining and contrary to popular belief much more believable than Sly`s Cliffhanger. Besides K2/Mt Godwin-Austen being the real star of the movie..i.e .look out for the Bench brothers who gives good humor amidst the angst and the beautiful Izabella Scorupco who almost steals the show from the main stars in her action scenes  as a feisty French Canadiam medic. Not in the category of Oscar or Globe stuff but a sure hit as sheer entertainment. Go see it at ..any time!!!

Sarah and Rachel 
Score = "90" 
"Vertical Limit was a great film to watch, we were sitting in our seats lughing all the way through, all though it was ment to be serious, i found it hillarious, although, in parts of it it was scary, bring out the reality of life and the reality of the mountains. The humor was great, the actors were great, we especially liked the two Aussies with their quick wit and loveable dress sense. We would gladly go watch it again." 

score = 60
exhilarating cinematography, beautiful people, thin plot, one dimensional characters. wait for it to go second run in rep cinemas, and make sure you see it on a big screen.

score = 60
Awesome scenery and effects but dumb story, pathetic acting, and sibling relationships that are overblown into melodramatic drivel.

Cliff - [MayHeM]
score = None
The worst peace of hogwash i've ever seen. the movie lacks depth, no character development, badly produced music, action sequences that leave you saying "so what else is new" and predictability the likes of which Nostradamous would have been put to shame. All the actors look like they were in this movie just for the buck only... another day, another dollar. they didn't put ANY heart into this movie, and looks shallow.
The beginning sequence starts of GREAT. fine, i like it... i start to HATE the movie as soon as that one particular rope is cut... five minutes into the movie. movie starts to suck there on in.
if you want to see a movie that's just plain bad, go see this one, and laugh about it.i did not feel exhilerated anywhere in the movie, the likes of which... say... the Apollo13 had me in.sigh. the movie was boring, and those *ANNOYING* scene jumping went to my head.
i went in with a clear mind. i was actually happy to actually go see this movie because it takes place in pakistan.
why? i'm Pakistani. i saw it. it sucked.
funny thing : (during the conversation where the Col. and the soldier are talking about the the going-ons of the Line of Control War (with India), there are NO subtitles... and in my opinion, that particular dialogue was funny. People that don't know the language had NO idea what was said... so...
ANYWAY, Two thumbs down... i might even consider genetically growing four more thumbs just so that i could give it another four more thumbs down.
NOT worth watching. if you're pakistani... Think about watching it if and ONLY IF you have nothing better to do... like... watching the cutting your fingernails or doing laundry.
sucky movie.
-Cliff, the great big pakistani guy.


score = 70
comments = Very good movie, action packed from the beginning. Defenitely would see again. See you at the movies!

score = 90
I was honestly blown away by the action and heart-pounding suspense in the movie. From the very begining, which got you hooked to the movie, there was never a dull moment which made me even consider snoozing off or leaving. When this comes out on DVD next year, it will DEFINITLEY be in my personal collection

score = 90
I really enjoyed this film. i loved the action that kept me in suspence and the acting was a little good. Also the villain was not a man nor a serial killer, it was nature and nature doesnt hesitate in this film. Good movie to enjoy.

Bruce Rhodes
score = 50
First ten minutes were as good as anything I've seen on the big screen.  Unfortunately, things went steadily downhill from there.  Great scenery and SFX, but technical accuracy was sadly lacking.  It's too bad this didn't turn out to be the great movie that it could have been.

score = 10
comments = If I could rate it any lower I would. Poor acting, poor story, poor script, totally unrealistic!!!!!!

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