What Planet Are You From?

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What Planet Are You From?: Friday  March 03, 2000

From Oscar®-winning director Mike Nichols (The Graduate, Working Girl, The Birdcage) comes the cosmic battle-of-the-sexes WHAT PLANET ARE YOU FROM?, a hilariously offbeat comedy about men, women and the universe in between. When it comes to connecting with women, men might as well be from another planet-but Harold (Garry Shandling of HBO's "The Larry Sanders Show") has a good excuse-he really is. Sent to Earth on a mission to impregnate a woman  (Annette Bening) and have a child, he quickly learns that traveling halfway across the universe was the easy part. As Harold tries his inept hand at dating, he falls victim to the courting and mating anxieties that plague all earthlings. It soon becomes clear in this bawdy comedy of errors that no matter what race, religion, or planet of origin, men will always be men. -- © Columbia Pictures


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Points 25 50 48 75 49.5


49.5 - Go See At Matinee

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65- 85 points Worth Seeing
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Mike Nichols 


Garry Shandling 


Comedy / Sci-Fi


Garry Shandling, Annette Bening,John Goodman, Greg Kinnear, Ben Kingsley, Linda Fiorentino, Camryn Manheim, 
Nora Dunn, Janeane Garofalo

Running Time

1hr 40min


Rated R


Columbia Pictures.




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 The People's Review of What Planet Are You From 

score = 60 
It was like staying at home with your hands down your pants, you enjoy the hell out of it, but then your afraid of how your neighbor would judge you for enjoying such a thing.