What Women Want

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What Women Want: Friday December 15, 2000

A Chicago advertising Nick Marshall (Mel Gibson) gets whole new outlook on life when a fluke accident  give him the ability to read women's minds. At first this gift provides Nick with way too much information , but he begins to realize  that he can use it in a good effect . specially when it comes to overwriting his new  boss Darcy McGuire (Helen Hunt), But he soon find himself falling in love and understating what a women wants. 2000 Paramount Pictures 

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Points 75 75 55 62.5  


66.88 - Worth Seeing

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0 - 40 points

Not Worth Seeing
40 - 65 points  Go See At Matinee
65- 85 points Worth Seeing
85-100 points Definitely worth seeing. "A must see!"

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Nancy Meyers


Josh Goldsmith,
Cathy Yuspa  




Mel Gibson as Billy Sunday 
Helen Hunt as Darcy McGuire 
Bette Midler as
Lauren Holly as
Marisa Tomei as
Alan Alda as
Delta Burke as  

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Paramount Pictures




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 The People's Review of What Women Want 

Score = "60" 
"The plot was extremly funny and with Mel Gibson he just added to the desire to see the movie. The only dissapointment is at the end. The ending is a little too corny and far-fetched for its own good." 

Score = "80" 
"very good. laughed out loud. very good chemistry between mel gibson and helen hunt. it wasn't like anything i expected butstill funny. the only problem is they used most of the funny parts about the women's thoughts on the trailer so they weren't as funny when i saw them in the theater."

Score = "90" 
"I did not expect it to be as good and was pleasantly surprised. The end was just ok. Everything else was quite funny with this whole women mind reading thing. I would recommand this film instead of some of the other stupid releases such ""unbreakable"

Score = "100"
"Across the board appeal, laugh-out-loud funny one moment and touching a second later... women, take your men to be educated and guys, suck it up and take notes! What Women Want is exactly what Paramount, Icon and the rest of us want: An old-fashioned BLOCKBUSTER!!!" "

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