Where The Heart Is 

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Where The Heart Is: Friday April 28, 2000

When her boyfriend ditches her, a pregnant 17-year-old (Portman) finds herself stranded at a Wal-Mart in a small Oklahoma town. After staking out a secret "home" in a corner of the store, the jobless and broke young lady finds the strength to overcome adversity and begin a new life for herself and her child. Based on the best-selling novel by Billie Letts..  2000 20th Century Fox



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Matt Willians II 


Billie Letts,
Loweel Ganz






Natalie Portman as Novalee Nations
Ashley Judd as Lexie Coop
Stockard Channing as Sister Husband
Joan Cusack as Ruth Meyers

Running Time

2hr 1min


Rated PG-13


 20th  Century Fox




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 The People's Review of Where The Heart Is

score = 80
I didn't know who Natalie Portman was until I saw this movie.  Her acting in that role was outstanding, I had no idea she was not a Southerner until I looked her info up.  What a beautiful, gracious young actress.  Too bad she doesn't have a southern accent in real life, that would put her over the top in my book.  Ashley Judd was great to look at also in this movie.

score = None
comments = I think the movie was great and should have gotten four golden stars. It was the kind of movie that would touch a person in a way no other movie could. It did to me i could watch it over and over again and get the same feeling.

Thanx Stacy

score = 90
comments = Where the Heart Is was a very good movie that really
touched me and I think everyone has experinced hard times in there lives and don't think they can go any further . But this movie shows that we can go on and thers always better times ahead.

score = 100
comments = This moving was really touching...It is a good movie for anyone who is a true romantic and anyone who wants to laugh and cry and feel excitement all at the same time.

score = 100 
I thought "Where the Heart Is" was a very good movie. Sure there were some things that probably wouldn't happen like living in a Walmart but it's not impossible. It showed a woman's struggle to start over and to make a good life for her child.

Janna <3 
score = 100 
this was a great movie. i really enjoyed it and i would recommend to everyone who hasnt seen it, to see it. it was wonderful. i cant wait til the video is out. im trying to find out when it releases now. once again it was great.

score = 100 
I read this book when i saw it on Oprah, and I loved it.  So when i saw the preview on TV, i knew i had to see the movie.  I saw the sneak preview tonight, and it was GREAT!  I would definitely recommend it to everyone (even though it's kind of a chic flick), especially those who read Billie Letts' terrific book.

score = 100 
Great, really enjoyed it...laughed and loved it -- felt so much of it....a must see for anyone who likes a touching movie

Ken G 
score = 80 
I saw the premiere of 'Where The Heart Is' this evening, and I was delightfully surprised. The film begins a little slow, and it takes awhile for all the characters who bring this film together to come into play. Natalie Portman and Ashley Judd both shine equally, with Stockard Channing doing a very credible job as well. Joan Cusack is quite interesting in her minor part, while they could have given Sally Fields part to Olympia Dukakis. Sally's brief appearance is forgetable, much like her character was in the film. The film drags in spots, but it is well worth seeing. The final feel good payoff is not wasted and it leaves you happy that you were allowed to follow the lives of these people over the five years that the movie spans. Look for some chatter regarding nominations for both Judd and Portman. Unfortunately it is too early in the season for these roles to be remembered 10 months from now.

Heidi Bruce 
score = 100 
I just saw a sneak preview tonight and it was all I hoped it would be.  A definite must see for anyone who read the book because this is one movie that stays true to it's roots.  The performances were amazing.  Particularly Natalie Portman and Ashley Judd.  Everyone should see this movie!

score = 100 
This movie is one of the best movies I've seen.  YOu walk out thinking about it and saying lines, which right away says it's a good movie. Natalie Portman is great one of her best performances.  Ashley Judd and Stockard Channing also do great jobs.  After reading the book and seeing the movie I would have to say that the director, actors, crew, and everyone else did a great job turning the book into a movie.  A+ go see this movie!

score = 100 
The book was terrific...the movie was just as great! Natalie Portman only gets better with each role, and she shined as Novalee.  Ashley Judd was the perfect embodiment of Lexie.  Each of the roles were cast perfectly...there could have been no better Forney. The movie is one of the most touching friendship movies since Steel Magnolias. Where the Heart Is is truly unforgettable!

score = 100 
I saw the sneak preview last night, and I have to say that it was a MUST SEE FILM!!!!!  That is something that I have to go back again when it comes out on Friday.  If you have a spare couple of hours, you should go see this movie.  Natalie Portman was outstanding, and Ashley Judd was equally good. Stockard Channing also did a fair job.  This is a must see for anyone.

Candice Simpson 
score = 80 
"Where the Heart Is" is a heart warming story. The movie came almost straight from the book, although they should have kept the "unlucky number" seven.

score = 100 
This is actually the best movie that I have seen in a very long time, although I think the book might be just a little bit better.  Despite that, it is well worth seeing, and a great story.

Niki Doring 
score = 90 
The movie was a really touching story about friendship and family.  I really enjoyed the movie, it was funny and at the same time sad.  It was really good.

score = 100 
I absolutely loved the movie. Natalie Portman and Ashley Judd were teriffic. They made me feel their pain. All included were brilliant actors with tremendous talent. Even the actor who played Forny. He was awesome. The story was so real. That is what was so awesome about it. Natalie Portman couldn't have been better. I love this movie and recommed it to anyone who wants to see a great movie that makes you laugh and cry. I don't think that it is a "chick" flick. Guys would actually enjoy the humor. It is a must see to me.

score = 100
It's a very good movie. The book was better. They always are, only because the imagination can take you any where. I brought my boyfriend along and he enjoyed it too!  I love the story so much! Novalee strugled and every one strugles some time in there life.  I love how all the people in the town come together and help her!  I will definatly go see it agian and agian,and then buy it when it comes out on video! GO see it!!

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