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Wild Wild West: Released June 30, 1999 

In the Wild Wild West, written by Jim Thomas (Predator, Executive Decision ) and directed by Barry Sonnenfeld (Man In Black, Get Shorty), the old Wild Wild West TV series is re-created with a new twist. As in the TV series, Jim West, played by Will Smith, and Artemus Gordon, played by Kevin Kline, must protect the president from the lunatics in the old west. The problem is, it doesn't look as fun and exciting as it did on TV.

This movie is a big, big mess from beginning to end. None of the scenes build any interest, and thirty minutes into the Wild West you just feel like running out of the theater. Remember last year's Godzilla, this movie plays exactly like it. There isn't a single moment of excitement and boredom quickly starts to set in. Will Smith, plays the same character he did in Men In Black and Independence Day, but it just don't work here because the material is so bad. This movie is suppose to be a comedy and the most it got out of me was a smile. Kevin Kline's performance seems forced. The two good things about this movie are Dr. Loveless played by Kenneth Branagh and the special effects. But, don't expect too much special effects, since they don't appear until the last 30 minutes of the movie. Take my word for it and skip this one! I swear you won't regret it. Reviewed by Milton

Rated PG-13 

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  one star out of five

Wild Wild West reviews by known critics

Wild Wild West as the people see it:


I don't know what the critics are smoking, but I thought this was an awesome movie. It has good acting, action and awesome special effects. Will Smith is superb


I really enjoyed the wild wild west, will smith is so cute. I love the way he delivers those one-liners. Kevin Kline is alright and Kenneth Branagh is so cool as Dr. Loveless. I'm gonna go see it again.


Hey, I just finished watching that piece of crap called wild wild west. This has to be the worst movie I have ever seen. It's not even funny, and it's billed as a comedy. What a yip! Director Barry Sonnenfeld, must have been tied up when they were shooting this movie. Warner Bros, must be on crack for approving this script.


Wild Wild West was ok. It's not the greatest movie in the world, but it's fun to watch. Salma Hayek, is so fine. I wish she had a nude scene!


I am an honest believer that one should judge each movie on its own
terms.  The Wild Wild West could have been better, but all of those
detractors out there should remember, a movie is meant to entertain,
inspire, enlighten, move, disgust, or shock you.  I was inspired,
Hollywood dares to break with conventional  portrayals of certain
familiar characterizations, George Clooney was slated for the role at
first, but did not go through with it,  I believe I enjoyed it better
with Will Smith anyway.  I was entertained, I had fun,  and that should
be the bottom line.  Some people ought to lighten up.  You spent your
money on a movie, you should try to find something about it that you
like. For Pete's sake.


My name is shorty and I recently watched the movie wild wild west, and i thought it was pretty good.  as much as I like wil smith though, i like kevin kline the best.


Wild Wild West:  June 30

Wild Wild West