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X-MEN: Friday July 14, 2000

X-MEN is the live-action, big-screen adaptation of the most popular comic book series of the world. Outcasts since birth, the X-Men are the next step of human evolution, each born with a unique genetic mutation that gives them extraordinary powers that they've learned to harness for the greater good. But mankind fears what it doesn't understand, and the X-Men soon realize that the race they fight to protect against incalculable evil rejects them. © 2000  20th Century Fox

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Ebert UsaToday Mr Showbiz Herald Average
Points 62.5 50 90 75 69.38


69.38 - Worth Seeing

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Rating System:

0 - 40 points

Not Worth Seeing
40 - 65 points  Go See At Matinee
65- 85 points Worth Seeing
85-100 points Definitely worth seeing. "A must see!"


Bryan Singer 


Tom DeSanto,
David Hayter


Action/Sci Fi 




Patrick Stewart as Professor Charles (Professor X)
Ian McKellen as Eric Magnus (Magneto)
Framke Janssen as Jean Grey
James Marsden as Cyclops
Hugh Jackman as Logan/Wolverine
Halle Berry as Storm
Anna Paquin as Rogue
Tyler Mane as Sabtretooth

Running Time

1hr 45min 


Rated PG-13 for sci-fi action violence


20th Century Fox




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 The People's Review of X-Men

score = 90
This was a great and captivating movie. Some parts were a little slow, but other than that, it was great. I've never been a huge fan of Tom Hanks, but I just like him more and more as I see more of his films. And trust me, his performance in this was excellent. Barry Pepper (dean Stanton) is my fav. actor and he did great. The guy who played john coffey was mesmerizing too.

Richard Detsch
score = 30
I would have to say that the acting was good but I just could not get past the stupidity of the plot to fully enjoy it.  I say if you want to see it with some drunken friends that would be fine but definitely not a date or family movie.

score = 100
The "X-Men" was the best movie of the summer.  All of the actors, especially Patrick Stewart, Anna Paquin, and Halle Berry delivered amazing performances.  Since the movie was released in DVD, fans can now see the scenes that were cut out, which showcase Berry's acting ability, as well as scenes that showcase Framke Janssen's abilities.  The movie was well acted, and featured amazing special effects.  I don't think many people can find true ways to criticize this movie, because it was just amazing.  Kudos to the cast and crew.

score = 100
I think that X-men wasn't good or great I thought it was eXcellent, I just can't wait until the next movie (the sequel)comes to the cinemas. But all that I really, really want to Know is -Is Mystique going to be in the 2nd and 3rd films? I absolutely hope so because I love Mystique, she is the best and she is what I call a real woman (she is no sissy). When I become an adult (I'm 13 now), I want to be just like her (except for the Mutant and the evil part) so I really do hope that Mystique is in the 2nd and 3rd Films and if she is, I do hope that they make sure that it is played by Rebecca Romijn-Stamos.

Silver Fox
score = None
I saw X-Men. I'v been reading the comics since I saw the movie and I've been watching the original cartoon since I was little. I LOVE it. All I want to know is when the sequal is coming out and if Gambit and Nightcrawler are going to be in it?

janine von den bergen
score = 100
hallo ich bin hier in deutschland und finde den film 1a. leider gibt es hier nicht genug informationen zum film und man muß endloss suchen, besonders über wolverine

score = 100
X-Men is the best comic book film ever and was definitely the best film of 2000! I was hooked from the opening titles and loved every second of it.
My favourite characters were Storm and Wolverine. Wolvie was perfect as most people agree and I loved the fight scene in the snow even though it was over in a flash. Storm was pure power and Halle was an excellent choice. I just pray that she is given more development in the sequel along with Cyclops as these two especially were not given the chance to give a clear enough picture of their characters.

score = 100
This is a no doubt one of my favorite movies of all time. I had already considered this an instant classic. I mean, how can you resist that hunky Wolverine, Hugh Jackman. He is just da*n too adorable (especially with those sexy sideburns). He alone deserves 110 points from me! Watching this movie, I ask myself the following questions: why Storm couldn't fly? what was Iceman doing in class with Rogue, shouldn't he be much older then? And I didn't know Mystique could fight like that... But anyway, I still love this movie regardless... And Mr.Jackman, if you're reading this, please be my Wolvie tonite... Wolf!

score = 100
comments = This iz seriously one of the best movies of the year- fer realz. I wuz most impressed by Hugh Jackman, the newcomer. He wuz the perfect guy fer Wolverine. My fave scenes were the ones at the school, the f/x were great and it wuz juss so fun. The soundtrack iz also gorgeous, it's constantly spinning in my CD player. I really had no complaints except that it wuz too short, and they didn't have time to characterize enough. I also wish Gambit wuz in it, but when I thought about it, I realized being the second most popular X-Man, scriptwriters would prolly struggle w/ both him and Wolvie on the screen , so they'd end-up competing fer time and end up cluttering the movie. So that  juss gives me somethi'n to look forward to on the sequel.=)   I hope ya'll will watch it, I'm sure it'll be more satisfying than that inevitable bomb of a movie: Episode 2.  And besides great actors and some great one-liners that'll last ferever  "Yer a dick!"  ahahahahaha the character Toad kicks ass!!!
X-fan fer life,

Andre Dejesus
score = 100
comments = I have been waiting for this movie for years and when I heard that it was playing in about a year I almost had a heart attack.
I was upset that they didnot have colored suits but I truly understand that it was necessary to make it as realistic as possible to carryout the mutant message and not distract the audience with such vibrant colors.
I realized that the movie was just the introduction because I am so sure that there will be a sequal.
This was a very important film in my life that believe it or not has had a real positive influnce on me. the x-men rock and will always.

score = 100
comments = All i can say was that this movie was the best I have ever seen!  I loved the connection between Rogue and Logan (Wolvie).  But, why does everyone call him Wolverine when they only refer to him as Logan.  I absolutely LOVED this movie.  And they have to make a second one with all the original actors, otherwise it won't be right.  I know they will do it right though.  You have to go see this movie.  I've seen it 3 times all righty, and I'm ready to see it again!!!!!!!

katrina brand
score = 80
comments = they could have made it a lot better by getting into
the characters better. to explain more about the other characters,like the tie between sabbertooth,and  wolverine or like rogue an mystiqe.
what about storm when toad knocked her down the elevator shaft, she would snap and do more damage.
oh and all her lines where dumb like when she said
(what happines when a toad gets struck by lighting,
the same thing that happines to everything else).
?what was that? I think you did an exellent job anyway.

score = 100 
GO X-MEN!!!! I Live in Australia and the movie went out a day before the US, I always thought X-men was crap; cos my sis wanted to see it, and I didn't want to.. I saw it, and actually liked it HEAPS!!! I thought it was X-tremely X-ellent!! Go Hugh Jackman!!! To all you fans out there, The MOVIE is way, way better than the animated series!!! A full-on 10/10! The casting was great, I thought James Marsden was cute, but his character is such a LoSeR!! To Bryan Singer- PLEASE make a sequel, or even better, make 2 sequels!! I may be a gal, but that doesn't mean I can't like decent movies like this.....

score = 90 
I am a fan of the cartoon, and read the comics off and on, not hardcore. But I felt the film was clever and stylish. Clearly thought was put in to it, The action was swift, (a bit more would have been good and thankgoodness for the costume change). It needed to be longer and explain where the rest of them came from (not just wolverine and rogue) but perhaps that will happen in the looked forward to sequals. I loved the casting...(most of it) Go hugh jackman! Bryan singer is a fantastic director and should be given more money and more work! Hopefully it will bring the summer blockbuster into a new era and get rid of crap like godzilla and the patriot where a little more than rehashed ideas come to play. It is fun with a little thought.  hope fox makes the dvd brilliant..please please, please!!!! P.S bring in Gambit for the next one!

Verbal K 
score = 100 
What can I say? FAB, FAB, FAB. I have been looking forward to this movie all summer and have had the extra burden of waiting an extra month for it to come out in Ireland. Hugh Jackman was just FANTASTIC!!!! I expected great things from him and he totally blew me away!(Quite a fine thing too I might add! YUM) My only gripe would be that it could have been longer but it did set up a lot of interesting possibilities for the sequel(s). Hope to see the likes of Beast, Gambit and Jubillee in the next film. I intend on going to see this piece of wonderfullness several more times and this is only it's 2nd day open here!(Aug-19th!)If you have not seen this-REMEDY IT NOW!! X-MEN RULE (ESPECIALLY WOLVERINE!!!) YEAH!

score = 100 
I walked into the theatre knowing nothing about X-Men, and walked out elated. WOW. I can't quite describe what I think of it, it almost goes beyond words. The depth of character presented in what I consider a "candy movie" was amazing. I never expected to enjoy it as much as I did, but now I really want *more*. I'd like to call myself a fan, though I am quite a newbie. I find myself wondering what long-time fans thought of it. I certainly hope they enjoyed it as much as I did.

score = 90 
We X-Fans were expecting the best movie ever. In that, we were disappointed. But, we were not disappointed in the way the characters were done. They brought the very essence of the comics to the big screen in a surprisingly human and yet superhuman fashion (just the thing that has always attracted us to the comics). Sure, Magneto could have been more muscular, and Cyclops was a little off character at times, and Mystique and Toad were changed quite a bit, and the costumes were different, but we x-fans have always nitpicked. The truth is, almost no matter how off-base the story is, as long as the characters are as human as we and deal with the everyday problems as well as the global problems, we will always be satisfied- despite how we may criticize, because we have always come back for more. Want proof? So many of us x-Fans nitpicked about the movie, but it still ranked #6 in the most money made by a movie in its opening weekend. I'll be seeing every one of you at the next two sequals. Contact me at dstjohn@usit.net

score = 80
I am a huge fan of the x-men and had been tracking its production for a year before its opening. I felt that it was missing some scenenes and needed to explain why certain things were the way they were.The villains needed to be better presented and I felt that the action scenes and special effects sequences were cut short. I also think that it should not have been edited by 45 minutes and that the movie should have had more fan candy, more than just shodowcat walking through a wall. Tell me what u think at Strange 3v@aol

#1 X-Men Fan 
score = 100 
I loved the movie!!!!!! All the characters rocked! i have to say that hugh did an excellent job as acting as wolverine. (keep up the good work wolvie!) this movie is DEFENETLY WORTH SEEING!!!!!!! 2 of my friends were making fun of it and laughing durring the movie like it was supposed to be a comedy or something! im saying the movie was all natural. their poweres came natrually to them which was great! i'll always remember playing x-men as a kid cuz it was soo fun! me and my cousin would fight to play the part as storm, but that was ok cuz i got to play the great Rogue! this movie wont be a waste of your time and money either. my friends all didn't want to see it but i begged and begged them to go, so they finally agreed. so when we walked out of the movie theatre, we were all : i wanna see that movie again! but this movie is trully a movie to be delt with in the inside. it effects you in a way that no other movie does. you feel the characters feelings and every move they make which is soo cool! i really really loved the movie. i hope they make a sequel cuz this movie totally let the audience know that there's gonna be a sequel. you know when jean tried the cerebro thing she knew where magneto was going which pro. xavier couldn't do. what everyone is saying about jean in the movie is so not true! in a way she has a deeper power than Xavier. (no affence Xavier):) this movie is trully a great movie that ended up to be way better than you thaught. it makes you feel like you want to be an X-Man too. Oh yah! i have to credit wolverine again cuz in the movie he really is a soft person and a really good person toward rogue. this movie is gonna break box office records!! X-MEN FOREVER!!!!!!!

score = 70 
Besides Wolvering,who was played magnifiscently buy Hugh Jackman (I think that's his name), the movie's characters were bland, boring, and sometimes, invisible--and without the use of mutant powers. Still, the film did make for a fun two hours (because of Jackman), though it took a fraction of that time to forget I'd seen it.

score = 100 
As a kid I hated X-Men. It annoyed me everyday when I asaw it on fox. Now that I saw the movie, it blows away all my thoughts about the former cartoon show. The movie has great special effects, and is definately WORTH-SEEING!!!!!! Also, Hugh Jackson plays an excellent role as Wolverine, and I also think that he's HOT!!!!!! Don't proove me wrong-he is. Once again, if you enjoy good movies, watch it! P.S. The ending sucks a bit, but its still worth seeing.

Tyrone rodrigues 
score = 100 
WE feel that the movie should have all the characters from the cartoon should at least have an appearence in the movie. This would have enhanced the movie in the way of showing the cartoons point of view. My friend and I both feel that the black leather costumes is a pile of rubbish and do not show the cartoons interproitations of the charaters

score = 90

score = 100 
I loved the movie! It was funny, there was lots of action, it definitely kept your eyes glued to the screen. i knew some what about the story since i used to watch the cartoon, but even people i knew who hadn't watched the cartoon or read the comic loved it. I think everyone did a wonderful job of their character, even though some could have been shown more in the movie. It was wonderful to see James Marsden in a movie again :o) and it was also great to see the captain of Star Trek The Next Generation leading a group once again (Patrick Stewart)! The way the movie ended, there has to be a sequel, and i'm looking forward to it!

score = 100 
As a fan I was blown away by this movie. I had my doubts and the movie excedded my expecations by a landslide! Hugh Jackman is the most perfect person for the role of wolverine. He added a lot of depth to the film along with the rest of the stellar cast. i loved it so much I saw it 3 times in one week. I felt pumped after seeing it each time.

score = 100 
Oh wow. I went into the theater not knowing what to expect, but I came out thinking,"Wow!" I have always been an X-men fan. My dad and I used to read his old comics, and we would watch the show together. I think that Hugh Jackman did a really good job portraying wolverine. He's my favorite character, always has been. Along with Rogue. Anna Paquin din't do a particularly good Southern accent (I'm from Mississippi, so I can tell) but we can overlook that. I really liked the way they showed Wolverine and Cyclops's mutual dislike. My favorite joke was "Prove it". You know when Mystic (Did I spell that right?) took on Wolverine's shape, and he was like "Hey it's me. and Cyclops goes "Prove it" I love that!Anyway it was the best movie I have seen since the Sixth Sense. I am so buying it on video.

Joaquin Z 
score = 100 
This movie with out a question is one of the best comic movie ever made. They sticked with the story line and made no changes, then turn out to be one hell of a movie. Wolverine turned out to be the coolest character in the movie, besides Mystique. I really hope they make a part two and see what characters show up. The grapics in the movie were great too. This is one movie I will difinitly buy.

score = 100 
This is a MUST SEE MOVIE!!!! IT was awesome very cool characters especially Toad. I wouldn't want to tell you all the characters so check out this movie. They should have an X-men 2 coming out. I watched the movie with my friends and we ALL THOUGHT IT WAS GREAT. Don't wait for it to go on video watch it today.

score = 100 
I went with low expectations, from the start I thought wow this is really good there were a lot of reviews that gave negative criticism of the depth of the story (The X Men have a lot of stories within the story) I thought they did a really good job of presenting it while keeping it interesting exciting and the effects were great.  Wolverine kicked *** and well Storm was...very hot...I really enjoyed it cant wait for the sequal...

Ben Hewes 
score = 80 
A solid,intelligent movie with a perfect of level of violence. Hugh Jackman plays the character Wolverine superbly and really is the heart of the movie. Not to funny,but a few small scenes will leave you giggling long after the movie. I thought however that the character ''Toad'' and ''Storm'' added nothing to the movie.

score = 100 
I really loved the movie and went to see it twice! I know it didn't stay completely true to the comics but it still felt like the x-men. I loved every minute of it and especailly liked the cast. It is definitley a must see!

score = 90 
Most comics turn movies aren't too great, so I wasnt expecting too much from this one.  But I was definetely wrong.  This was one of the best movies of the year, but there were some techinicalities.  Rogue was way to young, and it was Jubilee, not her, that had a connection with Wolverine. But the movie can't be completely accurate. Of course I really missed seeing Gambit, Jubilee, and Beast.  Hopefully they'll put these characters in for the sequel. The actors all did a great job, except Halle Berry had an english accent that was kind of on again off again.  Xmen is a movie you HAVE to see.

score = 90 
I would just like to say that this movie ROCKED MY WORLD i have always liked the x men but the effects took my breath away. I reckon that Toad looked a hell of a lot like Wes Borland (guitarist from Limp Bizkit) and my friend reckons sabretooth was test but hey, hes a shmuck. Anyway this movie rocked and im DEFINITELY going to see it again!

X-Men Critic 
score = 90 
This movie was awesome! Like some of the people who posted their reviews here, I went into the theater trying not to expect too much from it.  I was in total awe during and throughout the course of the movie.  I was, however, disappointed that the movie was too too short (even though it was about an hour and a half long).  As far as the casting goes for the characters of this popular comic strip, I thought they were excellent and dead on for the most part. However, I would have to agree with one of our other reviewers (Dark Phoenix) that Iman would have made a much better Storm (not to say that Halle Berry was bad as Storm, but she was a little too soft-spoken for this character).  Iman would have been a perfect Storm, given her looks and voice/sound.  Well, this movie is definitely worth seeing, so for those of you who still haven't seen it, you owe it to yourself to see this one!

score = 90 
I have read many reviews by both the "experts" and amateur critics. As usual the "pros" for the most part always seem to find ways to attack the films that the average person enjoys. We go to movies for entertainment as well as for an outlet from reality. I ask that all you so called "experts" just relax and enjoy the show like the rest of us do. X-Men was an outstanding adaption considering the vastness of material this film was forced to disect into 1 hr. and 45 mins. Listen to the people who flood box offices with millions of dollars; majority rules and the average movie goer is just as qualified as any of you profess to be. Know your material before you critize it.

score = None 
I htink x-men ruled, it was a great movie it kept u on the edge of your seat the whole time, i was sitting in my seat, going YES!!!! GO!!!! YEAH!!! and i was clapping, it was great, i loved mystic she ruled and i also thought wolverine was great too.... u have to see this movie....

score = 100 
Great movie with a great plot. What can I say. I waited so long for this movie. It was everything I expected, and more. Thanks for making this movie!! Hope to see many more. I loved Storm in the movie, she's one of my favorite characters. But I think that we should have seen more characters. Like Gambit. And Juggernaut. Great movie A+. Thanks Kevin.

score = 100 
I thought this movie was fantastic! the acting was great. especially by hugh as wolverine. he really got into the part. attitude and everything. he really made you believe he had a grudge against cyclops(jason marsden).and his wisecrak seens were hilarious. espiecially "how do we know its you?" "your a di*k".toad was the best though. he was really REALLY bad! he didnt have any simpathy for anybody. he just fu**ed everybody up and didnt give a sh**. his tongue was interesting. the scene where storm blew him out of the window and he hung on to the railiung with his tongue made me flinch. when he first grabs onto the railing he stopquickly and seems like it hurts.if you had a 12 fott long tongue and you get it stuck on tomething, see how good you feel. i liked Ian McKellens portrail of magneto. the only thing i didnt like about magneto was that he didnt resemble the origional magneto from the comic and cartoon. he was younger. and he didnt wear his helmet enough. and the one scene he did wear it, it looked goofy. no effence Ian. you did a great job. patrick stewart was the perfect professor x. he had the look and the feel of the origional. everything was perfect.sabertooth was great. the only thing weong with him was that the sabertooth from the comic and cartoon had a much more violent nature. he was always pissed. tyler was mostly calm troughout the movie. never the less his portrail of sabertooth was finominal. great work tyler. mystique was also great. rebbecca did a wonderfull job. i think mystique looks much better naked than in her white gound(hehe). she had the yellow eyes and everything. Rebbecca played a very believable mystique. since she survives in part 1, hopefully she will be in part 2.cyclps was cool. he had that wise ass attitude with wolverinehe had in the show. he might have let wolvie pick on him a bit too much but still, he got his revenge in words. i thought it was cool how he could adjust his visor to shoot his optic blasts in different forces. something he could'nt do in the! show. the only thing wrong with jason as cyclops is he was a bit young. but even that isnt a big deal. jason was a great cyclops.storm was good, but she could have done a bit more flying. and been abit more creative with her powers. all she did was strike lightning and blow wond, nothing else tht i can remember. halle did a great job, she lookes a lot like storm! wonderfull job halle. Jean was ok, but she dissaopinted me. i expected to see her do this big telecanesis scene with one of the villians. like make a bunch of stuff fly at toad or somthing. all she did was stop toad int the air. the only other times she used her powers was for little things at the school. like shut the closet behind wolverine and stupid stuff. oh yeah she also went into wolvies mind, that was cool. famke did i good job none the less. i couldent have found a better Jean if i tried. all im gonna say about senator kelly is that he pissed me off untill he too became a mutant. later in the movie he found out that mutants arent bad people, just misunderstood. when he was on the bed with storm he finally accepts them. too bad he turned into water and died. the one thing i dont understand is what ws his mutant power? was he fish man or something. if anybody knows please email me at the email address below. well ive taken up way too much space already so ill shut up. i hope you all enjoy reading my review. and to anybody who hasent seen the movie yet, devote any free time you have to see it. its verywell the best movie of 2000. thanks for reading my review. later

score = 100 
I gave this movie a 100 because it is an excellent movie. I was never into comics so when I decided to go to this movie I was not sure if I would like it. But of course I loved it so I am teling you that you must see this movie!!!!!! ***1/2

score = 100 
I loved it... i got to see it with my cousin,brother, and my best friend. We all agree this is one of the best movies ever!!! IT WAS AN AWESOME MOVIE!!!! I hope they come out with an X-men 2!  i cant wait to go see this movie again! I thought Toad was one of the coolest characters...but i think he only talked once in the movie.But never the less, this had to be my favorite movie of the summer! THIS IS A MUST SEE!!!!!!!!!

score = 90 
I went to this movie in dread and came out totally amazed.  I did not know anything about X-Men, but I was completely drawn in by the settings, character development and relationships, and a story with plot twists that I couldn't foresee.  It was beautiful, moody, enthralling, and thrilling.  It's my favorite movie this year, so far.

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