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Peoples Reviews For The X-Men

score = 90 
The X-men movie is one of the best Comic movies ever made. Great acting by Patrick Stewart, Sir Ian McKellen, Anna Paquin and Hugh Jackman. Also I thank the writers for making toad an excellent character in the film. (If only they could have done the same in the comic book). Good Story, Good Casting and Good Special Effects (Except for the mutagenic wave/blob). The BIG Problem in the movie was: Storm (simply, she sucked. Bad lines and not enough character development) Halley Berry had nothing to deal with in the movie. Over all, It is The BEST movie this year. Hopefully with the box office success, the sequels will have better special effects and better dialogue. U Can send me ur opinions to

score = 80 
I liked the movie, especially Hugh Jackman's protrayal of Wolverine. He was able to yield those metal talons without making it seem ridiculous. Even a newcomer to the Xmen would really believed his claws were real. Some fans were worried that the mutant powers might come off as corny on screen, but they were as pleased as I that this was not the case. Well done.

score = 90 
Actually this movie is a 95!       Alright, ever since I was 5 I really wanted to see an X-men movie.  I used to sit and wait in front of the TV until the X-men cartoon was on.  I loved the movie!  There always have been rumors of this movie and I literally waited for 5 years!  About time.  For sombody who waited as long as I did, the movie was a little dissapointing.  It was dissapointing but the movie was AWESOME!  I know I dont make much sense but basically, I am saying they could have been 5 pts. higher.  Cyclops, was good and really showed his dislike twords Wolverine. Wolvorine is the lead iin the movie, I like the hair but you forgot one small flaw...HE GETS INTO A BESERK STAGE WHEN ANGRY!  He had a more of a soft side, than anything.  Storm ROCKED (I LOVE HALLE!!!)  Storm is my favorite character! I liked her but I expected to see more of her.In the media they ask all the actors,"How was working with Halle?"  Storm could shoot lightning from her hands and not necisarilly from the sky.  People love to see flying so she should have done more with that.  She doesnt use wind that much and she makes ice also. Rogue is suppose to be a flyer also with super strength.  She had only her sucking energy power.  I liked Xavior he was played by the best!  Mystique was a realy babe.  She swept me off my feet!  Her body and her power.  When she turned into Storm and got stabbed, I thought Wolverine was Mystique and I was like "OH NO WE JUST LOST STORM" but I was relieved to see Halle!  I liked Toad, I dont really know toad but I liked him in this movie.  Sabertooth and Wolverine are realated, they both can smell and Sabertooth also has adamantium claws.  The fight shold have been longer and they should have smelled a familiar scent when they were fighting.    I am expecting to see another movie with Juggernaut and White Queen!  I want them to free magneto, and say that GTambit and Jubilee also help the X-men.  I want to see Jean Grey with a more independent fight scene with more power and Storm with the ability to shoot lightning from her hands.  Wolverine with a beserk stage.  Also THANK YOU for not making the movie Korney!  I loved it and hope to see a series of X-men movies.

score = 90 
Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen couldn't be better in their respective roles.  Hugh Jackman really surprised me!  I watched him on the Today show before I saw the movie, and I didn't think he would do a good job, but now I don't think anyone could have done a better job as Wolverine.  Storm was disappointing, and I don't think Anna Paquin was right to portray Rogue.

score = 100 
I loved this movie!Wolverine was wonderful and so was Storm when she got angry enough.I cant wait until the sequel. I made all my friends go to see the movie even if they didin't like the X-Men and they all loved the movie.It had all the action scenes when you'd least expected.I loved the ENTIRE cast and now I just wanna see who will play Gambit hopefully Casper Van Dien(Starship Troopers)or Keanu Reeves(The Matrix)then that sequel will be wonderful!

Michael Ark_angelo 
score = 90 
If you liked Ray Park in STAR WARS EPISODE ONE: THE PHANTOM MENACE, you are going to like him in this one playing the evil TOAD. Patrick Stewart was the best, he was the perfect portrait of Proffesor Charles X-avior.  Franmke Janssen, who played Jean Grey was awesome, you could just fall in love with her. Just ask Wolvorine. Ian McKellen(Magneto) was perfect as the villian with a cause . Well just hoping to see Gambit, Beast, and Nightcrawler in the sequel. The Movie will definetely re-encarnate wonderful childhood memories. AND FOR ALL OF YOU ANTI-MUTANT ADVOCATES, YOU CAN KISS MY -----.

score = 90 
It was really good but there wasn't enough fiting in it and the director could of done a better job but like I said it was still a great movie. I loved it!

score = 90 
I'm completely surprised.  I had gone into the theater expecting an awful adaptation of the X-Men I had read and loved from the 60s and was completely amazed to find it as well done as it was.  I'm so impressed; thank God finally someone did a good movie based on a comic/game/book/etc.

score = 100 
THIS MOVIE WAS AWESOME!  it was everything i hoped for and more. I'm usually not a wolverine fan but HUGH JACKMAN did an excellent job.  We don't get to see enough of Cyclops, Storm, and Jean.  Jean was kind of a wuss.  she really had little control of her powers and screams like a girl when toad spits on her. The writers brought out a little to much of Cyclops' stupid side. he had maybe one funny line in the movie and the rest just stood around and let wolverine pick on him. Storm was awesome! I was very imjpressed when she had the trow down with toad.  Speaking of which, toad was the coolest      mutant.  he was absolutely nothing like his comic book self.  the 12-foot long tounge caught me off-gaurd a couple of times. Mystique and Sabertooth had mayfe a total of 2 and half lines between the two.  Sabertooth just smashed things and Mystique just turned into other people and caused lots of trouble.  Magneto and Professor X were both played so well by Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart.  I would have liked to have seen Prof. X out in battle.  Cerebro, the black bird jet, and the x-mansion were all off the hook! All the actors did a marvelous job.  and the casting directors had to be awesome to    emble a cast like this that portrayed the x-teams soooo wonderfully.  I've waited for this movie for years, I WAS NOT DISAPPOINTED! It's told in a way people who have never heard of the X-men can follow and still keep the old school X-men fans cheering and laughing seeing things on the big screen they        d in their minds for decades.  GO SEE THIS MOVIE!!!!!

score = 100 
I was never a comicbook reader, so perhaps my view is uninformed, but I really loved the movie. The special effects were unbelievable. That scene where Storm comes flying out of the elevator shaft.. WOW.

score = 90 
I guess the people who really didn't like the movie aren't bothering to post their comments here, but that's fine with me.  The more negative reviews I read, the more convinced I become that either A) They didn't get the point of the film, B) They went in with pre-conceived expectations of what the film "should" be, or C) They're so used to dealing with films as "art" that when something comes along that's purely for entertainment it agitates their sensibilities.  That being said, I really enjoyed X-Men.  It's not a perfect film (I defy you to show me one), but it's a fun film.  You've got most of the characters from the film.  True, we didn't get Beast, Colossus, or Gambit, but Singer got $30 million cut from his budget, so what are you going to do?  The acting was dead-on for most of the principles, and I can forgive Singer for changing around things in regards to back story.  One can't explain 25+ years of history in 90 minutes, otherwise the whole deal becomes an expository mess.  As it was, the film trod a thin line between explanation and action.  Some felt cheated because there were no "big" action scenes, but not every film has to be a John Woo bang-em-up blow-em-up visual orgasm of violence.  I thought the fight scenes were well-paced and true to the characters.  I had one friend complain that Wolverine got "his ass kicked twice" in the film by Magneto.  Well, when you've got a metal skeleton... The plot was comic-bookish, which is fine.  You're dealing with comic-type concepts, so people shouldn't be knocking the plot because of its unrealism. You've got a guy who shoots beams of concussive force FROM HIS EYES.  Once you get past that, the plot should be no big deal.  Everything worked well within its context. Hugh Jackman is going to have a cult following because of this film.  I hope he realizes just what it is he has unleashed upon himself, and I hope that Adam West and Leonard Nimoy can offer him some tips on coping with life.  My thoughts and prayers go out to you, Hugh. Okay, those are my main points.  I can ramble on for another 1000 words or so, but I think I should save this sites bandwidth.  Take care, and hope the sequel has COLOSSUS!!

Chris Braly 
score = 90 
This is the first film I have seen in over 10 years that the audience (me included) applauded and laughed and cheered out loud for a movie in the theatre.  I am going to see it again this weekend.  I am a married 31 year old man that used to collect these books, but didn't realize how much I missed them until this past weekend.

score = 40 
needs a more mature realalistic serious scrip, plot, and belevable characturs based on x-men. this seems more like it was written for a saterday mornig cartoon.  focus on your audience, adult, or kitty, iys hard to do both. EX: S.W.EPISODE 1, BATMAN&ROBIN,  DARK MAN, THE SHADOW

score = 80 
All in all I thought the movie was wll done.  In particular with keeping to the story lines of the comic.  I had a little problem with the depiction of Bobby Drake ( Iceman ). Though it is true he was younger than the other original X-Men however he is at least 6-10 years older than Rogue. But I guess it works for the movie.  I do hope that the producers will take Rogewr Ebert's advice and get a stronger team of writers for the sequel which we know has to come.  Until then make mine X-clusively X-Men!

score = 90 
The X-Men movie was great.  All actors/actresses did their part very well.  I especially liked Hugh Jackman's (Wolverine's) performance, and some newspapers mentioned that the movie was focusing on his character.  Anna Paquin did very well, also.  Except, Storm's power kind of was too slow.  The special effects were fantastic.  The only thing bad about it was that it had to end. I'm hoping for a sequel!!!

score = 100 
X-Men was the best movie I have ever seen.  Hugh Jackman (Wolverine) gave a great performinse and should definitly be in the sequal.  All the other actors were also great.  X-Men is "A must see!"

score = 100 
No matter what you're expecting this movie to's ten times better.  Sure you can't fit every character in the movie and you can't make them in the right costumes, but man, this movie worked.  I never liked Wolverine much, but this movie really changed my mind.  I can't find much wrong with this movie and and just waiting for more.

score = 50 
Things I liked about this movie: Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, Patrick Stewart as Professor X,and James Marsden as Cyclops, Anna Paquin as Rogue, Celebro, and ALL of the bad guys.  Things I didn't like about the movie:  Halle Berry as Storm, and Framke Janssen as Jean Grey. I wanted to see either Angela Bassett or Iman (David Bowie's wife) as Storm. (Sorry about that, Halle.) Jean Grey acted helpless, confused and totally out of character when it came to using her powers. I kept waiting for her to bust loose with some serious telepathy and telekinesis, and before I knew it, the end credits were rolling.  Oh well.  I've read fan reviews of this movie and it does seem to me that people are so grateful that this movie was finally made that they are willing to overlook any and everything.  I've read X-Men for the last twenty years, and I didn't expect the movie to be a carbon copy of the comic, but, My God, if Jean Grey is that helpless out in the field then I think Professor X ought to tell her to stay home until she gets her act together!


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