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Peoples Reviews For The X-Men

Larry Johnson 
score = 80 
Brian Singer definately hits his mark with "X-Men" Great Characterization, Humor and social relevance are big points. Loved every minute of it. Wish Brian hade had more money to put it together with

score = 100 
X-Men is absolutely THE BEST comic book to movie adaptation I have ever seen!!!!!  The Wolverine that we saw in the movie was so well played that you could instantly tell(with some knowledge of the X-Men) that THAT was Wolverine.  The action scenes were really well played out and the special effects were just eye-popping.  The complexity of the characters, especially Wolverine, was truly amazing.  I would have liked to see Gambit in the movie though...yeah, I know that practically everyone has said that already .  And maybe the producer should have considered giving more lines to Mystique, she was so cool!!!  As for the "lukewarm" reviews that have been give to the movies, well, the opinion is always different coming from a professional reviewer judging costume, screenplay, cinematography, etc. and a childhood fan of the X-Men who is just breathtaken to finally see her favorite heroes come to life!!!!!  Today is the 18th and I have already seen the movie three times!!!  I love it so much!!!!!  And for all of you who didn't like the movie, all I can tell you is that you don't understand!  And the others who say that the movie was not worth seeing at all, PLEASE, don't try to catch people's attention by trashing a movie that people adored, okay?  Well, I'll finish now by saying that I look forward to seeing all the actors again in the two sequels(YES, there will be two, the actors have already signed on to them although work has yet to begin) especially Hugh Jackman as Wolverine and Patrick Stewart as Professor Xavier.  By the way, why aren't there any guys like Wolverine in real life???

score = 100 
I have been an x-men fanatic. the movie was awesome. fantastic. i could not help to watch it over and over again. as an x-men fan  i am looking forward to a sequel and i hope there would be more mutants. congratulations to a job well done.

score = 100 
This movie was TOO GOOD. I saw it today and this is now my favorite movie. I never read the comic at all, but had seen the animated series at a younger age. This movie tops that by a million!! Hugh Jackman was an absolutely wonderful actor. This was the first time I've heard of and seen him, and he was FANTASTIC as Wolverine!!!! Before seeing this movie I never really cared for Wolverine at all...but this movie changed my view! I hope so badly that he returns in the sequel!!! Every actor played their part greatly. I could feel the emotions being played out in every scene. Anyone who hasn't seen this is missing out!! So stop reading my review and go see it! :D (Personally I'm hoping for either Nightcrawler or Gambit in the sequel....but we'll see!) Remember: The professional critic is not always right!!!! :D Ok...I'll stop now before I rant too much..hehe

score = None 
THIS IS MOVIE IS NOT WORTH SEEING AT ALL.  When a movie doesn't catch your attention from the begining, but drags on and on, it really looses the person who is watching the movies's attention, right?  So to tell you the truth, I fell asleep on my friends sholder through out the movie.  IT WAS A BIG DISAPPOINTMENT, not at all what an X-men movie should be like!

score = 90 
I think the comic was done right by the movie. Very good casting.People in theater were cheering when wolverine saved the day.I can't remember how long it's been since I heard cheering at a movie.

score = 100 
Great movie. It's one of the best I've seen this year. And I kinda think its sweat makes you wish rogue and wolverine had something goning on but then again there would be no place for gambet

score = 80 
I think the fans were over expecting. But it can only get better, now they have established a base and the only thing they can do now is grow and plan to make a must bigger and better part II. Remember the budget was only 75 Million Compared to Batman and Robins 150 Million. That's All

score = 100 
Where do I start? Oh yeah, it ROCKED! Jackman was a perfect Wolvie, I was surprised how taken I was with Anna Paquin as Rogue, the pace was good, McKellan was a convincing Magneto (despite being a rickity old man), and Singer's attention to detail was incredible.  Nothing got past this guy. He even got the address of the X-Mansion right! It could have done w/ a few more cameos, and Storm could have had a few more lines. A sequel, please, just keep the cast and director. The film left me begging for Logan's back-story, even though I already know it (being a longtime fan of the X-books). But let's find more out about Cyclops (Stephen Dorff as his rowdy younger bro, Havok), see more of Jean and Storm, meet Beast and Gambit. Sabretooth needs to make a comeback, natch, but should do more than growl. He could be the key to Logan's past. Maybe the fall from Lady Liberty knocked a bigger vocabulary into him. 'nuff said.

score = 80 
First off, I went in to this movie not knowing much at all about the X-Men.  In fact, I have only read one X-Men related comic book.  From what I remembered in that book, the characters on screen were very close.  Wolverine was fantastic; he had some great one liners.  Toad, I knew absolutely nothing about but Ray Park played him, making the character pretty sweet.  I appreciated the background of how and when Magneto and Rogue found out about their powers; it shows how out of place they felt afterwards.  This was a good flick but a lot of the action scenes were really choppy; there must have been a lot that was cut out.  The ending also perfectly led to a sequel, which I understand is already in the making.  I look forward to it!

latina Princess 
score = 100 
This movie by far was the best movie I've ever seen. Wolverine was the most hottest and coolest person, but sabortooth was sooo cool to. I've watched X-men since I was a kid and I still love it. If they do make a sequel hopefully they will have Gambit,Beast, and Jubilee, and Jugarnot. For whoever who has not seen this I think you should, my cousin at first did not know what the heck it was but after she loved it were planning on seeing it agian. I will be thinking and talking about this movie for some time and I think other fans will to. I love Gargoyles and X-men 4-ever!!!!

score = 80 
Great action/fight sequences.  Some good character development. Could have used more scenes with Professor X (Patrick Stewart) and Magneto (Ian McKellan) because they were both excellent.

score = 90 
Fantastic fun if you are willing to shed your usual mature cynicism, and tune in to your inner true child self. Of course there are million of things that could have been done better or worse, yet the bottom line remains a successful delivery of a sweeping fantasy, which is what the x-men are all about, while generating a hefty income. Hail the American way!

score = 50 
i think the movie was ok, i was expecting alot mor out of it maybe that is why i have a bad attitude about it. the special effects were great, but they could have went into more detail about all the mutants and how they got their powers...i was expecting more of like a story type movie that would go into some detail about the characters and their powers...kind of like star wars. ps. the actor who played wolverine was a good actor, but i think they needed someody that had more muscle mass. in the comics wolverine was a short big guy, in the movie he was tall and the size of cyclops.

Erik Estrada 
score = 100 
I thought the movie was a complete success!  I have been waiting for an x-men movie since i began to read the comic book back in 1982. I felt the characters were portrayed true to form and it had its funny moments. Looking ofrward to the sequels to come!

David Clark 
score = 100 
I think X-Men the Movie was excellent; good acting, good storyline, and the movie brought out the good in marval comics, and its good to see such a good company doing well.

Jim Molnar 
score = 90 
Fantastic adaptation of the comic. The casting was unbelievable. Wolverine should become the action hero of the decade. The dialog could have been zippier. Let's pray to God (or Magneto?)for a sequel.

Joel Jordan 
score = 80 
I came out of this movie thinking of other things. There was nothing in this film that hadn't been seen before. There was way too much of wolverine.I found myself tiring of him. I have seen way too much of people being hurled into walls in recent years (and it never seems to hurt them mutant or not)...we needed mindboggling effects. "Perfect Storm" will win for visual effects over this.

score = 100 
This is the best movie of the summer yet.I being a fan for 10 years loved this movie.Brian Singer did a great job.The characters were great.They stayed almost true to the comic and looked like them to especilly wolverine played by Hugh Jackman who did a great job in the movie.WOLVERINE ROCKS.Don't pay any attention to the ratings by usa today and Roger Ebert'the are wrong this is a must see movie even if you are not a fan you will love it.THIS MOVIE ROCKS SO GO SEE IT.


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