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Peoples Reviews For The X-Men

score = 90 
Two things to note: first off, there are two ways to view this movie: As a summer movie-goer, or an X-men fan. For the summer flick seekers, this movie is the best one out there (unless you count Gladiator as a summer release). It's got everything from long action sequences in exciting environments to cynical humor to dazzling special effects. Head in with a bucket of popcorn, leave your at the door and enjoy! For the X-Men fan: I'm not a lifelong X-men expert, but I know enough to confirm that Hugh Jackman's Wolverine was so perfect, I almost believed those claws were really his! Hats off to the other members of the cast as well. Especially noteworthy are Patrick Stewart (Prof. X) and Ian McKellan (Magneto), who--while being a bit more philosophical during the movie than their characters were in the original--brilliantly personified their factions' ideals and motives. I would have given this movie a score of 100 had it not been for the UNDERUSE of Storm (Halle Berry), Jean Grey, and the slightly anticlimactic ending. Bottom line: You can't go wrong!

score = 90 
I LOVE the comic. Forget the comic.  I'm an adult now and this was just a great movie.  In all seriosness, if you have never heard of the X-Men before and love great sci-fi, check it out.  It is an extremely inellegent adaptation of the comic. 10 years ago my brother and I said that Stewart would be the best Xavier.  You can actually feel Rouge's isolation.  They have created a franchise that will last if they can keep the characters as HUMAN as thay have portrayed them here.  If you know the comic, you know there is a lot of potential for Mystic to help this continue.  A great new world has been set up for us to escape to.  Enjoy it!!!

score = 70 
Fun to watch, although plot is derivative. Some talky stretches with missed opportunities for some intellectual thought and references since this science fiction could be even more allegorical than it is.  Most parts played very well but Halle Berry underplayed her role.

I have been a huge X-men fan for years and I just wanted to thank Brian Singer and the cast(especially Hugh Jackman) for making this movie more than we could have asked for.

score = 100 
I think that you critics overanylized this movie.  You went in looking so hard for flaws that you missed a genuinly well made movie.  I would love to see one of you make a better big screen rendition of a comic.  The story was solid and the special effects were mind boggling.  I only wish that I never get stuck next to you guys in a theater.

score = 100 
Not knowing much about the X-Men, comic books or otherwise, I found the movie to be exciting & well done. It had my attention from beginning to end. I wished it was longer and can't wait for a sequel. My husband said it went right along with the original comic except for Magneto's helmet.

score = 80 
I was shocked to find that at the end of the film, I was actually pleased with the job that had been done. comic based films are usually so badly handled and all of their serious potential seem to always get watered down for the sake of simply making a big toy commericial. In the X-men Movie the charactor interaction made for a great show, my wife (who hates all sci-fi) even enjoyed it and even stated that it would make an interesting ongoing television seris! My applause to the director for putting together an exceptional cast and for knowing where to draw the line between presenting a fine little story and marketing exploitation!! beautiful job!! I only hope that the people working on spider-man are paying attention..........let's hope

score = 100 
As an X-men reader for over 20 years... I bought the First appearance of Wolvie at a 7-11!!, The movie was GREAT! I did notice a few non-comic book related boo-boo's but hey, It was still a great movie. Professor X could have had a more active role in the movie but the role of Wolvie more than made up for it. Hugh J is Wolvie...Alittle tall but call him Logan Jackman! Will be one of the first in line to see the next one. Hell now I'm going to break out the old comics again for old times because of the movie. By the time I get done, The next X-Men should be out.

score = 90 
Well...I saw the movie yesterday...twice! Both times, the crowd cheered at the finish. I was very pleased and can find very little to criticize. Every actor did a good job and some (Anna Paquin, Hugh Jackman) did great jobs! The only one I was worried about going in was Ian (Magneto). He put my fears to rest immediately. I loved the tension between Cyclops and set up some great one liners from Jackman and Cyclops managed to keep his dignity despite being the butt of the jokes. Ray Park was awesome as Toad (a character I had no interest in going in), his fluid movement sold the character. Mystique was wicked! She would cause me to lose control of my bladder if I met her in a dark alley! <G> She jumped off the screen at me.   Although I agree that Wolverine did seem to have a little bit too much trouble fighting Mystique and Sabretooth, I won't quibble about it. I'll see the movie at least twice more! <G> Great job to everyone involved in this project!

score = 60 
I thought the movie was basically good. It had great action sequences. But I was really disappointed with the way Rogues character was portrayed. In the comic book Rogue would fight along with the X-Men, she was not the helpless victim that needed to be saved as portrayed in the movie. I was also disappointed with the fact that cyclops rarely fought. They gave Cyclops a very weak role in the movie.

Timothy Carr 
score = 90 
Being a true X-Men fan i can honestly say i loved this movie, because it tells the tale of something i truley care about.  I have grown up and fall in love with the stories and characters of the famous Marvel comic, so i do have some bias towards the movie.  If i was a person, who previously knew nothing about X-Men..i would have thought this to be a "boring" movie.  Knowing of the X-Men much more could have been done with the movie..besides the minor details that were wrong, but i could looked aside like Wolverine has to be shorter...Sabertooth and Wolverine are both product of the Canadian Weapon X program, meaning they both worked together.. those elements should have been explored..but still its hollywood i can get over it..but still it should have "WOW"ed me...and it really didn't...maybe next time they will get some brains and get the talented writers..and planners behind X-Men..because think about it..why is X-Men so popular..because of the great minds at MARVEL..not some yuppie ego-powered screenwriter who has never even read the comic..oh well..maybe us fans should make our own movie

score = 100 
Stop searching for the best summer movie of 2000, because the X-men have arrived!  Hugh Jackman played THE Wolverine!  Mystique was simply awesome! The plot has it all, a truly great piece of writing.  Even as a 15 year fan, I never thought I would come out laughing from the X-men movie.  Singer must be a genius to pull this off so exsuitely.  Everyone in the movie theater stood up and applauded, and walked out talking about how they wanted more.  Hey, the score says it all, just GO SEE THIS MOVIE. Only giant ticket sales will ensure a sequel, which is exactly what this movie deserves.

score = 100 
As a fifteen year fanatic of the X-men comics, I have had a lot of time to think about what would make a great X-men movie.  What Bryan Singer displayed however was completely beyond my expectations.  It seemed to me that Dougray Scott's (originally cast to play Logan) scedule conflict was a blessing in disguise.  Hugh Jackman shines in this film with his near perfect portrayal as Wolverine. Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan were simply awesome as Xavier and Magneto.  If I wasn't a big fan, these are the guys that would grab my attention in this movie.  Xavier and Magneto's history and current struggle unfold beautifully in this film.  I however have always been a Wolverine fan and now I always will be. Hugh, you ROCK!  Trust me folks, this guys going places.   Great special effects and kudos to the sceenplay as well. Everyone else in the cast was really good.  I just wish I could have seen more of characters like Jean and Storm, but I'm sure Bryan Singer will rectify this in the sequel. Oh yes, there will be a sequel.   If your someone who's debating on seeing this movie, here's an interesting note: I saw this movie with seven other people, my parents (54 and 55), my two friends (20 and 22), my sister and boyfriend (both 27) and my 8 year old nephew. Everyone came out loving it and all wanted more.  But I'm sure tha t was Bryan Singer's plan all along.  GO SEE THIS MOVIE!!  Sorry I wrote so much, but I loved this movie SO MUCH! Thank you, Bryan Singer, for portraying these great characters with so much dignity and taste, and for the outstanding casting.  I know that I speak for all of us die-hard fans out there who wanted a great film, and got one.

Thomas Siterlet 
score = 80 
A worthwhile effort. I've been a fan since X-MEN #1 back in 1963, and think Singer did a great job. I look forward to the sequals -if Singer (or someone with his vision & dynamic) does it. No Joel Schumakers need apply.

score = 100 
I have only read one xmen comic, but am an absolute fan of the cartoon series, I personaly thought the xmen movie was a fantastic film. My favourite character is wolverine and I must say to anyone who is a big fan of wolverine you have to see this movie and even if you arn't you will be once you've seen it. I truly believe Mr Jackman has made the character {wolverine} his own and cannot imagine anyone else in the role now after seeing the movie. I hope that their will be plenty of sequals, enough even to give the bond saga some competition and that in the sequals they bring in some of the other great characters such as gambit, beast and Mr sinister to name but a few.

score = 100 
I went to see that movie yesterday. I was totally blown away. It was incredible. The special effects were amazing. All the characters were the best. It is so worth seeing!

score = 100 
Action packed through out the movie. Always keeps you on your toes. Great acting by the cast. They did a really great job on reflecting the cartoon characters on the movie. Perfect X-men movie. Nothing more can be expected. I'm sure there'll be a sequal because its x-men. I'm sure there'll be more then the sequal.

Jenna P 
score = 100 
x men was very acction packed and funny too.It also was alot like the comics and the animated cartoons like wolverine he had everything well except the yellow spandex and blue hair Everyone else looked good jean grey,cyclops,storm.well there was one person Rogue she looked nothing like her,and i did not like who played as her rogue was an adult not a kid.I liked Wolverine the best because he is cool and the Hugh Jackson is a cool guy he is Kinda Cute but not as cute as Russell Crowe but anyway the movie was Awesome!!!!!

score = 30 
I don't get it.  Why did Magneto mumble all of the time, and call Professor X all of those stupid names?  Come on...Magneto would never call people names like "punk" and "poop-face".  That was highly insulting to the character and comic which spawned this lie of a movie. Wolverine was close to be portrayed realistically, but his butt is NOT that tight in the comic. Not that I'm a great butt-judge but... Wolverine is a badger of a man, who, while having muscles, is more down to earth and should be portrayed as such.  Why did he never smoke cigars or engage in sexual relations with Japanese women?  Disappointing. Mystique is NOT a scaly critter.  Toad is NOT a dazzling whoop-butt phantom menace.  Where was Psylocke?  I would have settled for Jean in a thong, but this movie "adaptation" could not even deliver the essentials of X-men richness: barely clothed women who can read your mind. Senator Kelly was not portrayed well at all.  Where were his powers?  I, being the tried and true X-men fan that I am, was definitely insulted by this complete departure from X-men reality. I have so much to complain about with this movie.  It had the same effect on me as the Batman movie with Lawrence Fishburn and Tim Conway: a sense of monotonous dread spiced with the collective movie-attending audience loudly criticizing it during the viewing. Hugh Jackson, you are a terrible director.  Go back to vaccuming hotel rooms, you deluded rapist of my childhood comic fantasies.

score = 90 
as someone who has waited to see wolverine sink claws into sabretooth in live action since i was about ten i was not let down the characters were all well cast and action was awesome great sneak in (jubilee iceman etc.) i would have given it a perfect score except for its only  two bad points - mixing characters from different x-men eras and the big one in my book , no collossus which would have pushed this movie way into the excellent zone still head and shoulders above any comic book movie especially batman

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