By | January 27, 2023

Here is the trailer from the upcoming film #BoyFromNowhere “BOY FROM NOWHERE.” The film is directed by SJ Finlay, starring Gary Jumawan, Nack Nack Abugyan, Balugto Necosia, Waway Saway.

Based on true events, BOY FROM NOWHERE follows the story of Gary, a young and vulnerable Filipino boy who loses everything in an attack on his village that kills his father. Desperate to find his mother and her tribe, Gary sets out on a perilous journey while battling hunger and solitude. Along the way, he gets caught up in the dangerous world of gangs and is eventually brainwashed into becoming a child soldier for a local rebel faction. Vulnerable and malleable, Gary fights for survival until further loss leads him to find a more meaningful purpose for his life.

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