Captain America The First Avenger Movie Review

By | July 22, 2011

Stronger and faster too! This has been an over the top summer movie season, easily one of the best in recent years. Blockbuster after blockbuster, this has been a very entertaining time at the cinema and it isn’t done yet per this next blockbuster. I honestly did not think this would carry the weight of an Iron Man or Thor or even Hulk. For starters, he doesn’t quite have the powers or abilities that these others do. The previews didn’t seem all that exciting either so I was not expecting much. Boy is it good to not expect much cause many times you are delighted with what you get. This movie blew me away with its simplicity and straightforwardness. This one really looks like a comic book come to life. The 40s look was impeccable, the story was just right, the cinematography was exceptional, the action was sharp, and the special effects were about as good as anything else you’ve ever seen. READ FULL MOVIE REVIEW

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