FLIGHT Movie Review

By | November 2, 2012

Famed Director Robert Zemeckis is at it again with this edgy material called Flight. Headlining this nerve shattering, but touching flick about heroism, notoriety and it’s pitfalls coupled with corporate greed, is Denzel Washington playing the role of Captain “Whip” Whittaker whose quick thinking has him hailed as a hero by the media for saving passenger’s lives when a mid-air disaster strikes. His short-lived fame swiftly changes when his private life struggles come to light and he quickly finds himself on the defensive, for a number of reasons.

Needless to say, Washington‘s grounded performance is spectacular in scope and unparallel in depth. He, as one would expect from the veteran multi- Academy Award winner, maintains the audience’s sympathy without sugarcoating “Whip’s” nasty side. Zemeckis and Washington do not seem to be afraid to let Washington’s character be unlikeable and somewhat repulsive whilst risking the audiences scorn. They are upfront and extremely candid about the fact that “Whip” is a terrible husband, father, employee, and friend with substance abuse as his modus-operandi. It is a very telling and compelling way to gain the audience’s confidence in the material and subject matter addressed in the movie. READ FULL REVIEW

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