By | May 11, 2012

Regardless, it is a very long time and for Barnabas, the family vampire, it is a long time to go without blood. It has not, however, been that long since Director Tim Burton and superstar Johnny Depp have teamed up to do a movie. Well, you know, this is only their eighth film together. I’m thinking that’s a record followed by Tony Scott and Denzel Washington perhaps. Undoubtedly, Tim and Johnny are very well suited for each other as much as Tony and Denzel. Tim’s squeeze, Helena Bonham Carter, seems to always appear in his movies as well and yet she falls short by one compared to Tim and Johnny. Johnny and Helena are perfect cast members to the type of characters Tim has in his movies. This one is no exception. From the get go it is dark, dreary, and mysterious . . . very much Burton’s style. The bonus is that it is also funny, sharp, and sexy. The look and feel of the 70s was very well captured and a treat to watch. READ FULL REVIEW

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